Secrets of Hiring a Contractor for Your Own Pool

Did you know that timing is everything with swimming pool construction? If you want to get the best deals, then you need to take the time to learn the secrets of hiring a contractor at the ideal time of the year for the construction of your own pool.

If you want to be able to make some great deals, then you need to begin making plans just before the weather starts to get cold after the summer season. During this time, people think of the swimming pool less. In fact, the pool is probably the last thing on everybody’s mind.

Fall is the best time to start your survey for the best deals. During this time when the business of most contractors is at its lowest, you are able to get the best deals as far as labor is concerned.

Contractors have control over how much they charge in exchange for their expertise and time. During lean seasons after the summer season, contractors have less business. This time, you can take advantage of the fact that these companies are desperate to take your business.

During this time, you will also save money on materials aside from the savings in the labor rates. When there is a high demand for swimming pool construction, builders pit plenty of buffers to their estimates of the materials. This makes the swimming pool owner on the losing end of the deal. Thus, try to do your research and check whether your builders are overcharging on the materials.

Never hesitate to get specific to the price of your materials. Find out the materials required to build the pool. Contractors will be surprised and they will have to be careful with the deal with you.

Never hesitate to put the conversation on hold. This allows you to canvas the materials yourself and have the right prices on your own. When builders know that you are knowledgeable about what you are doing, they will offer you a great deal that is reasonable and with the right value.

In ending, be assertive and take the time to review the deal every step of the way. Do your research well and make sure that time is on your side. Make sure to construct your pool during the fall when the summer season is over and the enthusiasm for swimming pools had died down. This is the only way to get the best deals in the market.

Safety in Your Swimming Pool

The importance of safety in the swimming pool is very essential. As an owner, you have the full responsibility to keep the pool as a safe place for children and even adults. Let this information will provide some in-depth insights into the importance of swimming pool safety practices.

When you have a swimming pool in your house, you have to be aware of the safety aspects of the pool. This is part of the legal responsibility of owning the pool. This article will highlight the importance of swimming pool safety that every owner needs to fully understand.

The number one concern is that you should be aware of the children who cannot swim. They should never go alone when they try to go near the pool. It is very important to provide a safe environment for your children. In addition, you also need to deny access to strangers who may want to swim to your swimming pool without your consent.

The second aspect of the pool’s safety is to ensure that there is a swimmer in the house. This swimmer should know the basic first aid. In fact, it is strongly advised to encourage the whole family to register for a lifesavers certificate. If you have children who cannot swim, let them learn how to swim and learn some safety routines as well. Orient your kids with the use of the pool and the safety policies with its use.

Choose to be aware of the necessary preparations and take this advice above. Swimming pool safety is all about responsibility, peace of mind, and saving lives. If one person drowns in your own pool and you have not been taken actions to prevent it, then you will carry the burden of responsibility and guilt all your life. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry.

Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Fiberglass pools are manufactured and installed as a big molded structure that is definitely placed on the ground. The fiberglass is made of tiny fibers of glass which have been strengthened having a polymer. It’s many shapes and styles to fit your lifestyle, and different textures and colors to select from to match your own style. Since it arrives in one pre-formed and pre-finished piece, the installation is faster than other different types of in-ground swimming pools something like concrete or gunite pools.


Easy to Clean

Fiberglass is resilient towards bacteria, mold, and algae. Even if algae growth does happen, it may be easily removed by just brushing. Being smooth in texture and non-porous, this pool doesn’t hold dirt as concrete pools do. Simple cleansers are enough to remove any stains and in many cases, the filters and pumps don’t have to figure very hard to hold the pool clean, thereby reducing electric bills.

Installation and Cost

Installation of fiberglass pools is quicker than gunite pools that range from a few weeks to a few months. Since the fiberglass pool is manufactured on the factory itself and also comes in one piece, just by putting it in the opening, the installation is much faster. Also, this type of in-ground pool sometime is installed in winter that is certainly impossible for gunite pools.


Fiberglass pools can withstand drastic changes in temperatures, unlike other pool types. Small cracks on the surface on the fiberglass will not affect the entire structure of your pool. Areas with winter season usually are not suitable for gunite or concrete pool, however, the fiberglass is fitted to regions with extreme temperatures.


Rough concrete pools need to be tiled, or else it might scrape the skin, red-tipped fingers and bleeding toes. Swimsuits and swimming trunks may experience damage caused by contact with the rough surface. Unlike concrete pools, the fiberglass includes a non-porous smooth surface which eliminates the scraping issue and ensures safe swimming.

Less Chemical Usage

Fiberglass pools require fewer chemicals when compared with other forms of in-ground swimming pools. Other pools release unwanted chemicals that affect the pH degree of the water and require chemicals to correct it. Since fiberglass does not affect the water that much, it only needs fewer amounts of chemicals to correct it and lesser requirement of water circulation which is also another cost for the electric bills.

Easier Maintenance

Since a fiberglass pool doesn’t have any liners like vinyl-lined pools, the necessity for pool resurfacing, repainting and replastering shouldn’t be necessary. Also, this pool doesn’t crack easily and won’t require frequent professional services. Daily maintenance of the pool is also easier.


Problems in Location

Since fiberglass pools are preformed and are transported to your home on a sizable truck, the home has to be big that it might allow the big fiberglass pool in. Sometimes if the home is small, it may be difficult to transfer the fiberglass pool in and may cause some damage to the home which is another expense that you can make.

Draining Difficulties

The water in this type of in-ground swimming pool must always remain at all times because it will cause structural damage, for example, cracking or buckling towards the fiberglass if not met. Improper drainage makes the formation of ground pressure, which causes the fiberglass to crack. Because of this, you will require an expert to drain the water. Always do not forget- a minimum amount of water is to be maintained at all times to balance the pressure inside and out of doors of the pool. Also, emptying the pool in the winter season cannot be carried out.

Sand Issues

Since the pool is installed over a bed of sand, it has a tendency that the sand will move upwards as time passes by. When shifting of sand takes place, the pool needs to be set again.

Limited Options

Fiberglass pools are prefabricated with different shapes, colors, and sizes, and cannot be customized as per requirement. This means you only have limited options to pick for your fiberglass pool.

Pitfalls in Saving Money

Pitfalls in Saving Money

Like most people, chances are you are working hard to save some money, or you might be trying to do it in the best way you can. It doesn’t matter if you are saving money to buy a home or for retirement because there are some major pitfalls you might face along the way. Once you hit one or more of these pitfalls, you should never give up and instead, you have to respond right away so you can bounce back to the road to saving money.

Investment Setbacks

A lot of people who are saving money usually grab opportunities for investment to get better returns on their money. But, while most of these opportunities have proven safety and good returns, there will always be risks of setbacks. In case any investment you make ends up losing cash, it is a must to avoid overreacting.

The number one overreaction to this particular pitfall is taking excessive risks just to get back the money fast. Moving into investments with high risk and high reward is not the best answer. In fact, it will only put your savings in bigger jeopardy. Take note that bad luck can hit everyone. Losing money is painful, particularly if you worked hard in saving that money. If you find yourself in this pitfall, try to consider safer alternatives and investments where your cash won’t be compromised.

Job Loss

With the economy continuously limping along and fluctuating, the job market has also become unstable. Most people end up unemployed, with some underemployed if they do find a new job. Underemployment and unemployment are among the most serious pitfalls you will encounter when trying to save money. But again, this doesn’t mean you should throw your hands in the air.

In such situation, the best thing you can do is to make some lifestyle adjustments accordingly. When you become unemployed and you receive your unemployment benefits, try to refrain from living in the same way you did when you were still employed. This is also applicable for those who are underemployed. If your cash flow is less than what you previously had, you have to make lifestyle adjustments as needed. It can be tempting to go on with your lifestyle, hoping that your previous income levels will return soon. Sadly, this might not happen for some time or worse, it might not happen at all.

Too Much Expenses but Not Enough Savings

As people continue finding themselves buried in debt, it won’t be a surprise if you personally know some neck-deep in debt. It is easy to make you feel as if your small debt doesn’t matter that much. This pitfall, however, can lead you to spending too much, without doing anything to pay off your debt or lowering the set savings amount. You can avoid this pitfall by not comparing your own debt to someone else’s. Remember that every situation is unique. You are responsible for your debts and finances and you have to address these as such. Just because your friends have tons of debts doesn’t mean you should be like them as well.